Common Industrial Fan Safety Hazards

When installed properly, industrial fans can help make workplaces safer and more comfortable for those working in them. They can cut down on humidity, remove harmful fumes and odors, and improve air quality overall. However, there are certain safety hazards that accompany industrial fans, and it’s important to keep them in mind and teach employees to look for potential dangers. Here are several of these safety hazards.

  1. Rotating fan blades

The most obvious safety hazard associated with an industrial fan is the rotating fan blades inside of it. Even when a fan isn’t turned on, there’s a chance wind could cause the blades to start spinning. It’s important for employees to maintain a safe distance from fans since any contact with these blades could be catastrophic.

  1. Debris entering/exiting the fan

When an industrial fan is turned on, it’s going to move a lot of air out of your workspace. But it’s also going to suck in dirt, debris, and other contaminants in the air. This could cause the fan to malfunction if something is stuck in it, and it could cause issues if someone happens to be standing too close to the fan when it happens.  Additionally, dirt and debris from a fan can cause damage to the eyes and respiratory system.

  1. Hot fan motor surface

The motor that is used to power an industrial fan is typically very large, and it tends to get very hot when used. It can also take a long time to cool down once a fan is shut off. That means that you should always be mindful of how hot a motor might be before standing near it or doing work on it. The heat can cause injuries to those asked to maintain an industrial fan.

  1. Fan blade failure

While it’s rare, fan blades and other components inside of an industrial fan can malfunction periodically. You should have an industrial fan maintained on a regular basis to ensure malfunctions are avoided at all costs. You should also inspect an industrial fan thoroughly before turning it on for the first time after installation to make sure no loose parts are going to cause problems.

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