Reasons to Service Your Warehouse’s Industrial Ventilation Equipment

Industrial Fan in Warehouse

When’s the last time the industrial ventilation equipment at your warehouse was serviced? Has it been “too long?” Keep in mind that in the era of COVID, ventilation is more important than ever, and you also don’t want hazardous airborne chemicals or flammable vapors trapped inside your warehouse, right? Ventilation equipment needs to work well… Read more »

Tips for Maintaining Restaurant Exhaust Fans

Restaurant Exhaust Fan With Hood Filters in Place

Do you work in a restaurant in the “back of the house?” Restaurants often utilize exhaust fans for ventilation purposes. After all, cooking can involve all sorts of things, including fats and oils. Without exhaust fans, the restaurant’s kitchen could get pretty gross. If you want to ensure your exhaust fan works properly, performs efficiently,… Read more »

Which Type of Exhaust Fan Should My Restaurant Use?

Restaurant Exhaust Fan

Most people never see what goes on behind the scenes at restaurants. They sit in the dining room and enjoy their meals, having no idea what happens in the kitchen. If you’ve never worked at a restaurant, you probably don’t realize that there’s a beehive of activity “back there,” where you’ve got cooks, dishwashers, servers,… Read more »

The Different Ways Industrial Fans Help Businesses

Industrial Exhaust Fan

Imagine working in a factory without fans… in summer when the outside temperatures are in the 80s, and the inside temps are sweltering, too. Ugh. Life without fans would be sweaty to say the least. Health and Safety of Building Occupants Industrial fans are used by most industries because they help keep air moving in… Read more »

How Long Do Extended Industrial Fans Last?

Industrial fans

Imagine you’ve made the investment on brand new industrial high-volume low-speed ceiling fans featuring long, specialized blades that’ll move large volumes of air while rotating at a slow speed. How long do extended fans last? With proper servicing and maintenance, you can expect these types of extended fans to last 50 years. Choosing the Right… Read more »

How to Keep Your Industrial Fan Clean

Industrial Fan Maintenance

Industrial fans can get dirty. They can gather dust, dirt, lint and “gunk” over time. Therefore, every now and then, it makes sense to clean your industrial fans. Oftentimes, this happens in the springtime during “spring cleaning.” Sometimes though, it makes sense to clean them every couple weeks, depending on how much dirt, dust and… Read more »

The Advantages of Retrofitting Industrial Fans

Industrial Fan Retrofits

Have you thought about retrofitting your industrial fans? By doing so, you’d upgrade existing equipment so that it performs more efficiently. Why not optimize existing fans rather than buying brand new? Think of the money you’d save by retrofitting equipment rather than all-out replacing it! Retrofitting industrial fans involves adding (or replacing) components to the… Read more »

Myths to Ignore Regarding Industrial Fans

Centrifugal Fans and Blowers

Dynamic Fan gets a lot of questions from all sorts of people. Many have particular questions about industrial blowers, fans and compressors, and there are some myths or misconceptions that need further explanation regarding these things.  No Differences Between Blowers, Fans and Compressors For instance, one myth is that there’s no difference between blowers, fans… Read more »

What Are the Modern Uses of Industrial Fans?

Industrial Fan Modern Uses

Industrial fans have many modern uses. Fans are used to regulate airflow in internal environments, like gyms, spas, and restaurants. In an era when people are concerned about “catching Covid,” and they’re wearing masks to protect themselves from “the virus,” you can bet that ventilation systems and fans are talked about more than ever… indeed,… Read more »