Is Bigger Actually Better for Industrial Fans?

In America, there’s the idea that bigger is better, right? Does this hold true for industrial fans? In many ways, yes. When you have a big space where you want to regulate air temperature and air quality, you most likely need big fans. Why is this so? Well, there are several reasons. Less is More… Read more »

Three Ways to Reduce the Noise of Industrial Fans

In the old days, workers worked in noisy factories, and oftentimes they didn’t wear anything to protect their ears. Then, later on in life, they suffered hearing loss and needed to wear hearing aids in their old age just to hear their spouse or the TV. Thankfully, today, companies are more attuned to safety when… Read more »

A Guide to Buying Industrial Fans

Have you been thinking about buying industrial fans to keep people and things cool and comfortable? Industrial fans are larger in diameter than most fans and they also tend to have very large and long blades. Because of their larger size, they have quite powerful motors. Finding the Right Size Size-wise, most industrial fans range… Read more »

Warehouses and Industrial Fans

If you were in a room and it was swelteringly hot with stagnant air, how long would you want to stay in there? If you’re like most people, you’d want to get out of that room quickly because it’s just too hot and stuffy. Now imagine you worked in a warehouse with no air conditioning… Read more »

Where Will You Find Industrial Fans?

Industrial fans are in use all over the world in a wide variety of settings. Generally, industrial fans are put in place to make sure buildings have decent ventilation for the sake of the health of workers and visitors. These fans have the ability to move air around so that it doesn’t get too hot… Read more »

Industrial Fans Play a Significant Role in Commercial Settings

Imagine working in a factory with stagnant air. If it was hot, it would be swelteringly uncomfortable. Fumes coming from various machines could make you feel sick! It would not be a comfortable or pleasant working environment. That’s exactly why industrial fans matter– they have the power and ability to move large amounts of air… Read more »

How Dirty Filters Can Affect Your Industrial Fan

Do you have industrial fans where you work? Has anyone checked or cleaned them lately? If you’re like most places, you kind of forget about the fans unless something’s gone majorly wrong and they’re not working, right? Well, if you own or manage a building where you have several industrial fans, it behooves you to… Read more »

How to Reduce Industrial Fan Noise

Many warehouses and industrial buildings have industrial fans to help circulate air. Sometimes those fans can be so loud that they require mitigation. In other words, something has to be done because the noise is too much for people’s ears. For example, workers might decide to wear earplugs at work to cut down the noise… Read more »

Industrial Buildings Need to Prepare for the Summer Heat

Summer will be here soon and with that you can expect hotter temperatures. Industrial buildings need to prepare for summer heat. After all, excessive heat in a building can definitely be a problem during the summer, making it quite uncomfortable for workers. When a building is “too hot” that can impact both the health and… Read more »

A Simple Look at Industrial Fans

It’s time to take a simple look at industrial fans, so this is a brief overview of their basics and why they matter. How the Blades Turn Industrial fans are put in place in order to provide a large flow of air (or gas) to certain processes. Fans typically direct air or gas through a… Read more »