Warning Signs Your Industrial Fan Needs Repairs

If you have industrial fans that are not working optimally, you need repairs. Dynamic Fan can provide welding and machining services, fixing things like rotors, motors, impellers, fan blades, wheels and compressors. Most fans can be fixed within 48 hours which means less downtime for you. 

What are some signs your industrial fans might need repairs? 

Not Getting the Right Airflow

If you’re getting inadequate airflow, you might need repairs. This could be caused by a number of culprits. You might have a broken fan belt. Your couplings could be faulty. Maybe it’s a malfunctioning check valve. Or perhaps it’s a leaky pipe in your ductwork coupled with loose gaskets. Poor airflow could lead to all sorts of unintended consequences in an industrial facility, as it could adversely affect operations and machinery.

If you’re experiencing extreme heat, you might need repairs. This could be caused by a dirty air filter, too much oil in the gearbox, clogged air inlets or a bad impeller. 

Strange Noises or Clues Underneath

Perhaps your industrial fan isn’t properly lubricated. If you see rust or it’s noisy, you might need repairs. Also, check for leaking oil on the floor or underneath– that could be a sign something’s wrong. You might have to replace seals, gaskets and/or bearings. 

Another potential indicator of lubrication is if you’re hearing rattling and/or squeaking sounding noises. In this situation, you should try using the right lubricant on the shaft seal, which might do the trick. However, if it’s still making weird, squeaking noises, then it could indicate you have a bent shaft, which you should look to have repaired as soon as possible.

Fan Vibrations

Are your fans experiencing excessive vibration? If so, they might need repairs. Maybe there’s a loose belt somewhere or a misaligned shaft. Sometimes the problem is caused by faulty bolts. Maybe tension on the belt needs to be adjusted. Or a fastener came loose… If a fan is vibrating more than you think it should, it probably needs attention.

What Can You Do to Prevent Issues?

As the old saying goes, it’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive, and this is especially true in regards to industrial fans. Investing the time or expenses in routine maintenance can help you save a lot of money in the long run, while ensuring your fan(s) work seamlessly. This will help extend the life of your fan and help with your overall operations.

The most important thing you can do for the health of your industrial fan is to have it properly installed. You should only have a professional do it, and you’ll want a professional that actually specializes in industrial fan work.

Moreover, you should develop a routine maintenance plan and check, at least once a year, to make sure all of the parts of your industrial fan are working properly, including the blades, belts, bearings, motors and more. Once again, it’s best to entrust this work to a true expert in the field who has the tools, experience and knowledge to have your fan working flawlessly.

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