New Install/System Analysis/Design

Installing the right ventilation system, whether it is a new system for a new building or a retrofit on an existing facility, takes carefully planning. A ventilation system must reach every part of the business, drawing hot, humid or contaminated air out of certain areas, introducing new, cool, clean air and expelling the unwanted air safely. This is an especially important consideration if the air is toxic or so hot is could be dangerous.

A new installation requires careful system analysis, including mapping the facility, the HVAC system, heating and cooling systems, electrical pathways and much more. Even if the facility is small, such as a small drying area, the kitchen of a small restaurant, or even if only a single fan is placed near a slippery entryway, mapping out the area will help us select the most effective and efficient equipment for your needs.

If the system is more expansive, this careful planning will make sure that the ventilation system is installed safely and that it does not interfere with other vital building systems. We utilize the latest technology to map out the building and all of its other installations before we add a ventilation system. For new buildings, mapping out this system during construction will help to optimize performance. For a retrofit operation, we will map out the existing HVAC system to determine where to place new equipment.

To learn more about new installation, retrofits and the system analysis performed prior to installation, contact us today.