Warehouses and Industrial Fans

If you were in a room and it was swelteringly hot with stagnant air, how long would you want to stay in there? If you’re like most people, you’d want to get out of that room quickly because it’s just too hot and stuffy. Now imagine you worked in a warehouse with no air conditioning and no fans. Wouldn’t that be brutal working conditions, especially on days when the temperatures outside reach into the 90s, and the machines are humming along, producing heat of their own? Ugh.

Industrial Fans Are Essential for Warehouses

Thankfully, there are industrial fans available to help cool warehouses and circulate air. These fans come in handy for any number of reasons. If food spoils and it stinks, the fans will help get the stink out of the space. Don’t want dangerous vapors from machines sitting in your warehouse air? Fans will move those vapors out of the building. Basically, fans are there to not only create a comfortable working environment, but also to deal with any potentially hazardous “stuff” in the air that people shouldn’t be breathing.


Whether you work in a factory, processing plant or warehouse, one thing’s for sure: you want to be comfortable. And you don’t want the place to get moldy. Furthermore, you don’t want your expensive equipment to rust. So, having quality industrial fans in your building will help regulate moisture and humidity levels. Products, therefore, won’t dry out or melt. Workers won’t have to sweat through two sets of clothes per shift. Indoor air pollution will be kept to a minimum. That means less dusty conditions for both workers and machinery– nice!

Industrial Fan Types

Industrial fans are usually centrifugal or axial. These heavy duty fans are built to handle industrial conditions. Centrifugal fans (aka “blowers”) blow air out at a 90-degree angle. They spin air using centrifugal force and deflection. Axial fans use blades rotating around an axis to draw airflow in, parallel to the axis– and then blow that air out in the same direction.


Why not just go to Walmart and buy some fans there for your warehouse? Well, industrial fans are stronger than standard fans you find at discount stores. If you’re needing to deal with big spaces– spaces handling products and/or chemicals in a building– you’re going to need powerful fans that can move a whole lot of air quickly and efficiently. Industrial fans work well at low (and fairly quiet) speeds, improving airflow, circulation and ventilation– an obvious choice for an industrial space.


Where might you find industrial fans being utilized? Distribution centers, manufacturing plants, airports, agricultural barns and, of course, most warehouses, are typical spaces utilizing industrial fans.

If and when you’re tasked with finding and buying fans for your building, you might want to do some research so you’re prepared to talk with a sales rep. You should gather information to have a general idea of what type(s) of fans you’d like, total airflow you need, and details about static pressure and density, along with air temperature, ambient temps, safety conditions, etc.

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