How to Clean Industrial Fans

When’s the last time you cleaned your industrial fan? If it has been a while, it’s time to think about getting the job done. Here are some tips for cleaning an industrial fan…

Cleaning Grease

For starters, certain industrial fans (like the ones used in cooking areas to remove pollutants and smoke) can get a sticky layer of grease build-up on them over time. Grease can light on fire and cause your place to burn down. So, if you use a fan that’s got grease on it, remove the grease often (using a combo of hot water and ammonia) so you avoid fire accidents.

Minimizing Health Risks

Next, think about health risks and minimize them. If you don’t regularly clean your fan, it could be less efficient and not doing its job of getting rid of harmful gas or pollutants! You want people working nearby to breathe clean air, right? A dirty fan is a health hazard. 

Keep Air Circulation in Mind

Thirdly, think about air circulation in the room or space where the fan is located. Sometimes you’ve got to clean and clear off residue on the fan so it doesn’t spread bad odors. And you want it to work well so it circulates air as intended– otherwise you’ve got stale air that’s not moving as intended and that can cause trouble, like negatively affecting the maintenance of room temperature in your room or space. 

Does your fan smell bad? There are probably clogs in/on it that need to be cleaned. Also clean or replace fan filters as they become dirty with smoke and particles over time. 

Industrial Fan Maintenance Services in New Jersey

Maintenance matters– you should check for mechanical wear and tear. Fix or replace broken parts, including frayed wires and bad fan motors. Ideally, come up with and then stick to a maintenance plan– put it on your calendar so it actually gets done. You can hire a professional company to maintain your industrial fans. Do you have any questions about industrial fans? Call Dynamic Fan at 973-244-2422.