Should You Consider an Industrial Fan for Your Commercial Facility?

How’s your current facility? Is it always too hot or too cold? That happens a lot, especially in older buildings where it has been a long time since anyone paid any attention to needed upgrades. An uncomfortable working environment can make workers lethargic, angry or edgy. It’s always a good idea to check in with… Read more »

Myths to Ignore Regarding Industrial Fans

Dynamic Fan gets a lot of questions from all sorts of people. Many have particular questions about industrial blowers, fans and compressors, and there are some myths or misconceptions that need further explanation regarding these things.  No Differences Between Blowers, Fans and Compressors For instance, one myth is that there’s no difference between blowers, fans… Read more »

What Are the Modern Uses of Industrial Fans?

Industrial fans have many modern uses. Fans are used to regulate airflow in internal environments, like gyms, spas, and restaurants. In an era when people are concerned about “catching Covid,” and they’re wearing masks to protect themselves from “the virus,” you can bet that ventilation systems and fans are talked about more than ever… indeed,… Read more »

Tips for Keeping Industrial Fans in Tiptop Shape

If you want your industrial fans to last a long time, it’s a good idea to pay attention to them rather than ignore them. If you have a fan’s manual, consult it to see what kind of maintenance tips it offers. Then perform scheduled maintenance, typically once a year.  Whether or not you have a… Read more »

Restaurant Exhaust Fans Have Never Been More Important

During these pandemic times, most people are thinking, “How’s the air circulation in here?” They’re worried about catching the Covid-19 virus, and leery about dealing with any place that doesn’t take the time, money or care to protect their customers from danger. Well, thanks to the pandemic, a lot of restaurants have had to change… Read more »

Types of Industrial Ventilation Methods

Did you know most industrial businesses use one of two ventilation methods? Before we discuss what the two types are, let’s remember why proper ventilation is so vital in an industrial setting.   The Importance of Proper Ventilation If you’ve ever been inside an industrial plant, you know of the all the different containments that… Read more »

The Basics to Know About Centrifugal Fan Motors

If you own or run an industrial plant, it’s likely your building is reliant on the use of centrifugal fans. Industrial fans are key to day-to-day operations for businesses in wide range of industries. Nevertheless, you may not know the ins and outs of the parts that make a centrifugal fan function. Here is a… Read more »

Here’s How the Right Industrial Exhaust Fan Can Prevent Heat Stress

If the employees who work in your facility are routinely subjected to extreme heat, it can really take a toll on their health over time. Those who are exposed to high temperatures day in and day out are at an elevated risk for developing what’s known as heat stress. Heat stress can cause everything from… Read more »

A Guide to Finding the Right Centrifugal Fan for Your Industrial Facility

If you own or operate an industrial facility that doesn’t offer up much in terms of ventilation, you may want to consider investing in centrifugal industrial fans. These fans can help to keep the air inside your industrial facility moving around despite the lack of ventilation. They usually hook up right to your facility’s duct… Read more »