The Advantages of Retrofitting Industrial Fans

Have you thought about retrofitting your industrial fans? By doing so, you’d upgrade existing equipment so that it performs more efficiently. Why not optimize existing fans rather than buying brand new? Think of the money you’d save by retrofitting equipment rather than all-out replacing it!

Retrofitting industrial fans involves adding (or replacing) components to the existing fan or fans. So, this takes advantage of existing equipment with the addition of new equipment to help you save on overall costs while improving performance. Consider retrofitting a way to conveniently upgrade what you already have in your building. 

One of the main reasons it makes sense to retrofit is because it doesn’t involve shutting down an entire plant or warehouse. If you were to replace all of your industrial fans with brand new ones, that involves a lot of time and money. And in business, time is money! Avoid an extended shutdown by getting fans retrofitted. 

Retrofitting fans can also help regulate pollution. The better the fans run, the less energy waste and/or pollution there is. Just like cars need tune-ups, so do fans. When the retrofitting process takes place, that’s a chance for your fans to be inspected and/or repaired as needed so they’re running better than they previously were. 

Perhaps your older fans have experienced corrosion, fatigue or bearing failures. Maybe extreme temperatures or humidity have taken their toll. If you want to increase reliability and efficiency without the costly hassle of “starting over again” with new fans, it’s time for a retrofit. This should help maximize your equipment ROI. 

Dynamic Fan performs commercial fan retrofits at all sorts of businesses. If you want to make sure your fans and ventilation systems are up to code and not hazardous, consider a retrofit. Call Dynamic Fan, located in Pine Brook, New Jersey, at 973-244-2422 for more information.