How Long Do Extended Industrial Fans Last?

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Imagine you’ve made the investment on brand new industrial high-volume low-speed ceiling fans featuring long, specialized blades that’ll move large volumes of air while rotating at a slow speed. How long do extended fans last? With proper servicing and maintenance, you can expect these types of extended fans to last 50 years.

Choosing the Right Fan

Ideally, you want to make sure you buy and install fans that are designed and built for the specific application you have in mind. Of course you also want to make sure they’re high quality, made by a manufacturer who isn’t sloppy with their work, or using subpar parts. Then there’s the issue of installation. If the fan is properly installed according to the guidelines from its manual (from the manufacturer) then it should be set up to last a long time. However, if the installer ignores the manual/guidelines, you’ll probably have problems down the line, effectively lessening the fan’s total lifespan.

Level Foundation

If you want a fan to last 50 years, make sure it has a level foundation and it’s torqued down correctly. Meanwhile, there should be a secure connection of the fan to the foundation. Are fasteners tight like they should be? Is the vibration okay or is there an excess imbalance that needs correction? Are bearings properly lubricated?

Prioritize Preventative Maintenance

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Some companies buy fans and forget about them, such that they never pay any attention to them until they break or fail to work. Other companies do preventative maintenance work, whereas each fan in their building gets serviced at least once a year, which is kind of like a doctor’s checkup to see how things are going and whether or not little changes need to be made to help the fan(s) be operating at its functional best.

Check for Corrosion

Fan wheels should be checked annually to see that they’re not corroding, they’re in balance, and they’re clean, overall. It’s also smart to check for increasing vibration levels. Furthermore, shaft seals should be inspected and replaced as needed. And what do you think is the number one most replaced item on extended fans? If you guessed “bearings,” you’re right! Make sure they’re properly lubricated, too. If your fan has a coupling, make sure it has grease in it. If the fan has steel, you might need to touch it up with some paint to keep it from rusting.

Make Sure it’s Correctly Installed

Basically, if you want your extended fan to last a long time, say 50 years or so, you have to make sure you buy a quality fan to begin with, have it properly and expertly installed by professionals, and then set up a maintenance schedule and stick to it over the years.

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