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Restaurant Owners: Remember These Things When Installing an Exhaust Fan

Do you work at a restaurant? Are you tasked with buying equipment for it? What should restaurants consider when having an exhaust fan installed? Proper Placement Placement is key for restaurant exhaust fans. You don’t want to hear a constant rattling noise. You do want excellent air movement. Where are some good kitchen fan locations?… Read more »

Here’s How the Right Industrial Exhaust Fan Can Prevent Heat Stress

If the employees who work in your facility are routinely subjected to extreme heat, it can really take a toll on their health over time. Those who are exposed to high temperatures day in and day out are at an elevated risk for developing what’s known as heat stress. Heat stress can cause everything from… Read more »

Why Businesses Should Have a Quality Exhaust Fan

Installing an exhaust fan might not seem like the most exciting improvement a business can make. Nevertheless, once you put a new exhaust fan into place in your business, you’ll quickly realize just how valuable it can be. Check out some of the reasons why all businesses should have quality exhaust fans installed below. They… Read more »