Here’s How the Right Industrial Exhaust Fan Can Prevent Heat Stress

If the employees who work in your facility are routinely subjected to extreme heat, it can really take a toll on their health over time. Those who are exposed to high temperatures day in and day out are at an elevated risk for developing what’s known as heat stress. Heat stress can cause everything from exhaustion and cramping to rashes and even strokes. You can help your employees steer clear of heat stress by installing the right fans and ventilation in your workplace. Here’s how these things will allow them to battle back against heat stress and its many symptoms.

They help bring the temperature in your facility down

The first things that new fans and ventilation in your workplace will do when it comes to heat is get rid of most of it. Obviously, there is still going to be some heat in your facility at times, especially if it doesn’t have much ventilation in it. Nevertheless, your fans and added ventilation will work wonders as far as eliminating heat is concerned. You’ll experience a noticeable drop in the temperature in your facility when you have more fans and ventilation.

They prevent your employees from breathing in dangerous contaminants

The heat isn’t the only thing that you and your employees will need to worry about when you work in a facility that’s very warm. You’ll also have to worry about all the dangerous contaminants that are in the warm air in your workplace. Fans and ventilation will help with this, too. They’ll remove a lot of these contaminants and stop your employees from breathing them in throughout the day.

Makes it possible for larger numbers of employees to work at one time

If you don’t have the right fans and ventilation in place in your facility, it’s going to be hard for a lot of employees to work in it at once. You’ll have to shuttle people in and out since too many employees working at one time could cause your facility to get even hotter than it already is. With fans and ventilation, this won’t be a problem anymore. You can have more employees working within your facility without increasing the chances of them dealing with heat stress at any point.

Is your facility operating without the necessary fans and ventilation right now? You could be putting your employees into harm’s way and causing some of them to suffer from heat stress. Dynamic Fan can set you up with the right fans and ventilation and help you prevent heat stress once and for all. Call us at 973-244-2422 to see which fans and ventilation systems might work best for your company.