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Restaurant Owners: Remember These Things When Installing an Exhaust Fan

Do you work at a restaurant? Are you tasked with buying equipment for it? What should restaurants consider when having an exhaust fan installed? Proper Placement Placement is key for restaurant exhaust fans. You don’t want to hear a constant rattling noise. You do want excellent air movement. Where are some good kitchen fan locations?… Read more »

Tips for Maintaining Restaurant Exhaust Fans

Do you work in a restaurant in the “back of the house?” Restaurants often utilize exhaust fans for ventilation purposes. After all, cooking can involve all sorts of things, including fats and oils. Without exhaust fans, the restaurant’s kitchen could get pretty gross. If you want to ensure your exhaust fan works properly, performs efficiently,… Read more »

Which Type of Exhaust Fan Should My Restaurant Use?

Most people never see what goes on behind the scenes at restaurants. They sit in the dining room and enjoy their meals, having no idea what happens in the kitchen. If you’ve never worked at a restaurant, you probably don’t realize that there’s a beehive of activity “back there,” where you’ve got cooks, dishwashers, servers,… Read more »

Restaurant Exhaust Fans Have Never Been More Important

During these pandemic times, most people are thinking, “How’s the air circulation in here?” They’re worried about catching the Covid-19 virus, and leery about dealing with any place that doesn’t take the time, money or care to protect their customers from danger. Well, thanks to the pandemic, a lot of restaurants have had to change… Read more »

Where Should You Have Commercial Exhaust Fans?

If you run a business, it’s very important for you to keep the air inside of it as clean as possible. It’ll keep your employees and your customers safe and make your business as a whole a lot more comfortable. There are a bunch of different places where businesses can use exhaust fans to their… Read more »

Things to Know About Restaurant Fans

The average commercial kitchen has all kinds of equipment inside of it. It helps the staff at a restaurant to prepare the best possible meals for customers when they come in for something to eat. But you could argue that the exhaust fans in a restaurant are the most important pieces of equipment in it…. Read more »

How Restaurants Can Maintain Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are an essential safety feature in any commercial kitchen. The fans, along with the exhaust hood, filters, and ductwork, help to vent smoke, steam, odors, and heat from the kitchen area. They are also responsible for collecting and trapping airborne grease particles. Here are some tips on how restaurants should maintain exhaust fans… Read more »

The Importance of Cleaning Grease from Your Restaurant Fan

If you own a restaurant in the United States, you are required by law to have your kitchen exhaust cleaned on a regular basis. This is because when you use the stove in your kitchen, exhaust gases will be pulled up through the hood and ductwork over time and a grease residue will often build… Read more »

The Importance of Restaurants Having a Reliable Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Have you ever worked at a restaurant? You’d be surprised at how many people it takes to successfully run one. Restaurants involve a number of positions, from cooks to servers and then some. A restaurant’s kitchen is its heart. That’s where food gets prepared, made, baked, boiled, fried, cooked, and more. Kitchens typically involve hot… Read more »