Restaurant Exhaust Fans Have Never Been More Important

During these pandemic times, most people are thinking, “How’s the air circulation in here?” They’re worried about catching the Covid-19 virus, and leery about dealing with any place that doesn’t take the time, money or care to protect their customers from danger.

Well, thanks to the pandemic, a lot of restaurants have had to change how they operate, becoming cleaner and more sanitary than ever. From wiping down tables to utilizing better, newer fans to circulate air in the safest way possible, this coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed the way restaurants do things.

One of the pieces of equipment almost every restaurant has is the hood system which helps prevent fires in the kitchen. Hood systems help remove heat, smoke, and greasy vapors associated with cooking large volumes of food. 

Hood System Parts

Hood systems include a vent hood, baffle filter, exhaust fan and an air unit. These parts work together to remove steam, vapor, heat and grease from a kitchen environment. 

Obviously, having a good restaurant exhaust fan is important. Otherwise you’re putting your staff and customers in danger, because if you don’t have a proper fan, you can have all sorts of safety hazards happen, including fires! 

Keeping a Restaurant Well Ventilated is Critical!

Keeping a restaurant (and its kitchen) well-ventilated is important because you don’t want excessive heat ruining the experience for customers (and staff). Fans help expel hot air away from ovens and fryers. Fans also help keep the air cleaner, getting rid of grease and smells.

No one wants to dine in a smelly restaurant if the smells are gross. It’s not unusual for people to walk into a place and walk right back out because they can’t stand the smell of a certain restaurant– and chances are that restaurant doesn’t have good fans! 

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