Where Should You Have Commercial Exhaust Fans?

If you run a business, it’s very important for you to keep the air inside of it as clean as possible. It’ll keep your employees and your customers safe and make your business as a whole a lot more comfortable. There are a bunch of different places where businesses can use exhaust fans to their advantage to keep their air clean. Check out some of the places where you’ll find exhaust fans in the average business below.


Bathrooms are one of the places where you’ll usually find exhaust fans the most, both in residential and commercial settings. These exhaust fans are used to prevent moisture from building up in bathrooms. This moisture can invite mold to grow in bathrooms if you don’t have exhaust fans in place.


Walk into any commercial kitchen and you’ll get hit in the face with a wall of different odors. You’ll also often find smoke wafting through kitchens while chefs are hard at work cooking up meals. It’s important for exhaust fans to be put into place in commercial kitchens to get rid of odors and smoke so that they don’t make their way out into the dining area.


When you look up in a warehouse, there’s a good chance that you’ll see at least a few exhaust fans up near the ceiling. These exhaust fans are used to stop stale, stagnant air from sitting in a warehouse for too long. They’re also used to prevent fumes and gases from taking over a warehouse.

Manufacturing areas

Just like with warehouses, you won’t find many manufacturing plants without exhaust fans in their main areas. These fans are designed to remove any gases that build up in these areas. They also play a role in removing dust, humidity, and more from manufacturing spaces.

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