The Importance of Restaurants Having a Reliable Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Have you ever worked at a restaurant? You’d be surprised at how many people it takes to successfully run one. Restaurants involve a number of positions, from cooks to servers and then some.

A restaurant’s kitchen is its heart. That’s where food gets prepared, made, baked, boiled, fried, cooked, and more. Kitchens typically involve hot ovens, cold sinks, countertops, knives, spoons, forks and other utensils. All sorts of people go in and out of the kitchen during various shifts, from managers to busboys. And one thing that’s not something most people think about but is none-the-less essential to a proper kitchen is its exhaust fan.

Kitchen exhaust fans play a major role in the day-to-day operations of a quality restaurant. After all, these fans extract air, smoke, steam and smells out of the kitchen so they don’t overwhelm people. All the exhaust ends up outside, escaping through exterior vents. Without a reliable exhaust fan, kitchens would most likely fill up with steam and smoke, which is not good.

Why change out the air in a kitchen often? Think of what cooking entails: there’s grease, smoke and moisture. Meanwhile, ovens get hot. So the surrounding air can get really hot– almost unbearable for the cooks. Basically, exhaust fans help get rid of pollutants and heat so the air in the kitchen is properly ventilated for health purposes.

We live in a cooling-dominant culture. People want to be able to have their meals in an air-conditioned restaurant that’s not overtly hot or humid. A kitchen exhaust fan is an integral part of a restaurant’s overall heating and cooling system. If it’s not functioning properly, workers will complain and, ultimately, customers will complain, too. If a restaurant owner ignores problems with their exhaust fan(s), he or she may be out of business simply for failing to fix what needed fixing or replacing.