Reasons to Service Your Warehouse’s Industrial Ventilation Equipment

Industrial Fan in Warehouse

When’s the last time the industrial ventilation equipment at your warehouse was serviced? Has it been “too long?” Keep in mind that in the era of COVID, ventilation is more important than ever, and you also don’t want hazardous airborne chemicals or flammable vapors trapped inside your warehouse, right?

Ventilation equipment needs to work well in order to replenish an area with clean and fresh air. If and when the equipment is dirty or isn’t working well due to a missing or broken part, etc., then you have a problem.

Things to Focus on Regarding Ventilation Equipment

What are some things that might need attention in your warehouse when it comes to industrial ventilation equipment? Perhaps dust has built up to the point where it’s clogging up ductwork. Your equipment has to work harder, and it’s still not operating at full capacity because of the dust clog! Also, a clogged air cleaner won’t do you any good. Speaking of ductwork, what if there are holes or cracks in the ductwork? That’s not efficient at all. Ductwork might need to be repaired or replaced. Meanwhile, you might have broken or slipping fan belts that need to be replaced. A lot can go wrong with ventilation equipment, especially if it’s ignored for months on end.

Ideally, you don’t want to experience downtime at your warehouse because time is money. Rather than be reactive and wait for things to go wrong, it’s better to be proactive and invest some time and money into periodically checking (and maintaining) your industrial ventilation equipment. Professionals can check hoods, fans, airflow balance, belts and ductwork to ensure your equipment is doing its job as intended.

If you need to replace your industrial fans, you can get new ones from Dynamic Fan. Please call 973-244-2422 to ask about available fans. On-site service is available in the Greater NY-NJ area as well as Scranton, PA.