Is Bigger Actually Better for Industrial Fans?

In America, there’s the idea that bigger is better, right? Does this hold true for industrial fans? In many ways, yes.

When you have a big space where you want to regulate air temperature and air quality, you most likely need big fans. Why is this so? Well, there are several reasons.

Less is More

For starters, one large fan can do the work of several smaller ones, so if you want better airflow, trade out dozens of small, traditional fans with a couple large industrial ones. These fans move a lot of air around very large spaces and areas without any cords to trip over or having them placed in such a way that blocks entryways, etc. Industrial fans work well in places like warehouses.

Year-Round Investment

Next, large industrial fans provide value year-round, since they can be run in reverse depending on the season. When you want to heat a space in the winter, run the big fan(s) in reverse to move warmer air downward.

Improved Acoustics

Thirdly, large industrial fans actually contribute to a quieter work environment. Think about it: one large whisper-quiet fan “sounds” better than having dozens of small, noisy fans whirring all at once. Large fans move air slowly and effectively, so you don’t have to deal with distracting breezes.

Bottom Line Savings

Large fans can save money when it comes to energy costs and utility bills.

Finally, large industrial fans help make for cleaner, healthier air in work environments, which, in turn, means more productive and healthier employees. Higher morale and fewer sick days are nice benefits.

If you work in a place that has a lot of room/air/space, consider buying and utilizing large industrial fans. Dynamic Fan of Pine Brook, NJ, can help you figure out what you need– please call 973-244-2422 with your questions. Onsite service is available.