Three Ways to Reduce the Noise of Industrial Fans

In the old days, workers worked in noisy factories, and oftentimes they didn’t wear anything to protect their ears. Then, later on in life, they suffered hearing loss and needed to wear hearing aids in their old age just to hear their spouse or the TV. Thankfully, today, companies are more attuned to safety when it comes to noise levels, offering various ways for employees to protect their hearing, from wearing noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs to finding creative ways to get the machines in the building to make less noise.

What about noisy industrial fans? Well, they have moving parts and rotate so they’re loud. In a manufacturing setting, noise levels should ideally be below 85 decibels at least five feet away for an eight-hour shift. If no measures are taken, good luck with that– industrial fans are just too loud on their own. So what can be done to reduce the noise level(s)?

Reducing Industrial Fans

There are three things to do to reduce the noise of industrial fans. Close the inlet/outlet. Address the radiant noise. And block motor noise. For the open inlet/outlet, put a silencer on it. It works like a car muffler. To reduce radiant noise, use a sound insulation jacket and address the thickness of the housing– as you increase the thickness of the housing surrounding the fan wheel, noise reduces. As for the motor noise, build a sound enclosure to house the entire fan, therefore reducing the noise level overall.

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