Selecting the Right Exhaust Fan For a Commercial Roof

Are you thinking of purchasing an exhaust fan for your commercial roof? How do you select the right one? There are some things to consider when selecting the best exhaust fan for your roof.

Consider Static Pressure

First, there’s the issue of static pressure. With airflow systems, static pressure is the resistance to airflow in ductwork or other components. You don’t want a very high level of static pressure or else you have a problem. Therefore, you should determine the static pressure in your building/room in order to overcome the resistance. Measurements should be made, including the length of the duct, number of twists and turns, friction loss from filters, and pay attention to the supply grille and air washer, too. All of these things factor into what kind of exhaust fan you’ll ultimately choose. If you’re not sure about these things, a professional who deals with ductwork and fans can help you determine measurements as well as what kind of fans would work well for your situation.

Airflow Rate is Crucial

Airflow is important– you will want to know the volume of air that would pass through your airflow system and exhaust fan. Measure the airflow rate in cubic feet per minute in order to get an idea of which fan would work well. You can check local building and safety codes if you need ventilation guidelines.

Determine the Appropriate Noise Levels

How noisy or quiet should the fan be? Certain fans are noisier than others, so depending on where this fan goes and how many people will be nearby, you can choose a noisy or quiet fan. Of course, power factors in– more powerful fans are usually noisier. Placing the fan in an area away from people can help mitigate the noise.

Consider One That’s Energy Efficient

Finally, think about energy efficiency when selecting an exhaust fan for a commercial roof. You want fans with an energy star rating– energy efficient fans can help reduce utility bills and carbon emissions.

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