Here’s How the Right Centrifugal Fan Will Help Your Industrial Business

Do you have an industrial business? How can centrifugal fans help it?

Air Pollution

Centrifugal fans look like “squirrel cages.” They draw air into the center of the fan and then exhaust it at a 90-degree angle. These types of fans are easily and quickly made, so they can save a company a lot of money on production costs.

With their great aerodynamic properties, centrifugal fans are often used to improve airflow in HVAC systems. They have the ability to reduce/collect particles, so they’re especially useful in systems dealing with air pollution.

Energy Efficiency

In general, centrifugal fans can benefit industrial businesses in numerous ways. For starters, they are energy efficient. If you need to sustain larger air systems, expect that constant airflow will allow your centrifugal fans to generate energy that reaches up to 84% static efficiency. Next, these fans are strong and durable. They’re able to operate even in corrosive or erosive environments.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Also, these fans have motors that won’t overload if capacity is exceeded. Meanwhile, centrifugal fans are easy to clean and maintain. And they’re versatile– able to handle clean, dry and/or wet air. Use them for multiple airflow/pressure combinations. Finally, centrifugal fans come in many different sizes so they’re even able to fit in tight spaces or hard to reach areas. 

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