How Dirty Filters Can Affect Your Industrial Fan

Do you have industrial fans where you work? Has anyone checked or cleaned them lately? If you’re like most places, you kind of forget about the fans unless something’s gone majorly wrong and they’re not working, right?

Well, if you own or manage a building where you have several industrial fans, it behooves you to pay attention to them now and then, especially if they have dirty filters.

Clean Fans Help Your Entire Building

Cleanliness is important and you don’t want your building full of dust and particulates in the air. Furthermore, dirty filters mean your fans have to work harder just to do their job, and that means higher energy bills. If you’ve got dirty filters, their inlets get blocked and they don’t function well. Dust and other junk can build-up inside, putting the fans at risk for ignitions/explosions. Meanwhile, filters are meant to take contaminants out of the air so they’re not bothering the people or equipment below. When filters are dirty, not only is the volume of air going through reduced, but there’s the potential for a reduction in discharge air pressure. Ugh.

While there’s no rule to when to change air filters, it makes sense to replace them every 6 months. Write down the date and time on your calendar so you don’t forget; Consider using non-foaming washing liquid to clean dirty filters– or replace them with brand new ones.

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