Myths to Ignore Regarding Industrial Fans

Centrifugal Ceiling Fan

Dynamic Fan gets a lot of questions from all sorts of people. Many have particular questions about industrial blowers, fans and compressors, and there are some myths or misconceptions that need further explanation regarding these things. 

No Differences Between Blowers, Fans and Compressors

For instance, one myth is that there’s no difference between blowers, fans and/or compressors. Can they all be lumped together as the same thing? No. Even though these terms may be sometimes used interchangeably, that doesn’t mean they are all the same thing. Here’s something you might not know: a fan moves larger volumes of gases with just a slight increase in pressure while blowers move moderate volumes of gases with a moderate increase in pressure. As for compressors? They use pressure differential to move gases at very low volume. So, while all three things move air, they all operate differently.

Proper Applications

Another common myth is that regenerative air blowers can be used in pretty much any application. That’s not true. Regenerative air blowers are best used for applications where a moderate airflow combines with higher pressure– air passes over one blade and pushes forward with another… Therefore, regenerative air blowers are typically used to convey products, most commonly in food industry applications. These types of blowers are also good for applications requiring air moved at pressure/vacuum.

Finally, there’s a myth that air knife blower systems are used only to remove liquids or solids from manufacturing products. While they are used for that purpose, they can also be used to deliver air of any temperature to surfaces. They can also be used to create barriers needed in industrial or commercial applications. Air knife blower systems are more versatile than most people assume.

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