Should You Consider an Industrial Fan for Your Commercial Facility?

Industrial Fans

How’s your current facility? Is it always too hot or too cold? That happens a lot, especially in older buildings where it has been a long time since anyone paid any attention to needed upgrades. An uncomfortable working environment can make workers lethargic, angry or edgy. It’s always a good idea to check in with employees once in a while to see if they feel comfortable at work, asking if the temperature (and/or humidity) is bothering them.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Industrial Fans

One thing most facilities can benefit from are industrial fans. These are large, strong fans that can cover a large space, helping move and cool the air in that space. If and when workers have felt uncomfortable, perhaps it’s time for industrial fan installation where you work! 

Industrial fans are efficient, while also being fairly quiet. And… they hang from the ceiling and thus don’t take up a lot of floor space like personal fans do. 

What kind of facilities typically utilize industrial fans? Well, there are warehouses, garages, gyms, big box retail stores, outdoor shopping/dining areas, and industrial sites where industrial fans can be found. Typical industrial fans are suited for large and open spaces. They can have blades spanning up to 100 inches! 

While most people assume fans keep people and equipment cool, they can also be used to keep people warm depending on which way they turn… fans truly do help balance a space’s temperature. They essentially move air that normally gets trapped at ceiling level. 

Those with large industrial fans should notice they help improve a facility’s energy costs, lowering them. Fans don’t require a lot of energy in order to help make buildings more energy-efficient. They can also help regulate humidity levels and evaporation rates, too. 

Rather than needing dozens of smaller personal fans taking up space in a large area, invest in larger industrial fans from companies like Dynamic Fan. Please call 973-244-2422 for more information.