Tips for Keeping Industrial Fans in Tiptop Shape

If you want your industrial fans to last a long time, it’s a good idea to pay attention to them rather than ignore them.

If you have a fan’s manual, consult it to see what kind of maintenance tips it offers. Then perform scheduled maintenance, typically once a year. 

Whether or not you have a manual for your industrial fan(s), there are certain things you can do to help keep them in great shape.

Mounting Hardware

For starters, check the mounting hardware. This includes bolts, plates and nuts. Are any of them loose? Tighten them. Are any of them cracked or damaged? Replace them. 

Guy Wires

Next, check the “guy wires.” These wires, which are found on most industrial fans, are used to ensure a fan stays in place even through crazy situations like earthquakes or wind storms. Check to see that the guy wires are taut without frays or loose areas. You also want to make sure no part’s wrapped around any sharp edge. 

Safety Cables

Also, check the safety cables, which either get wrapped around the structure or come out of the top of the fan. Are there any signs of weakness? Look for loose areas as well as tears. 

Thorough Cleaning

When’s the last time you cleaned your industrial fans? If they’re covered with dust or dirt, clean them. 

Some of the tools that will come in handy when cleaning or repairing fans include ladders, socket wrenches, and various nuts and bolts. Your fans should last a decent amount of time if you pay attention to them every once in a while, ensuring they’re clean and in good working order.

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